Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – 03

21 May
May 21, 2017

Sorry for the wait, we just didn’t want to bombard you with more patches. Let’s get some photos in of other characters so people don’t think we’re obsessed with Nina or something.

For optimal playback, we recommend:

Standard Users (All OS): VLC Media Player
Advanced Users (Windows): MPC-HC with LAV Filters Megamix, CCCP, or K-Lite Codec Pack.
Advanced Users (Mac / Linux): mpv

10 replies
  1. Leviathan13 says:

    Yup, thanks!

  2. Aryma says:

    thank you and i hope to see ep4 soon

  3. DarkShame2 says:

    Re:Creators when? Seems like it been stuck/stalled at that status for weeks.

    • LastReaction says:

      We are understaffed and all have busy lives. When our daily real life activities begin to slow down, then our projects will begin to pick up speed again. Until then, you’re going to have to wait.

      Like our slogan says: we’re only fansubbing for fun, and not for speed or promptness. If you can’t wait for quality, go watch the HorribleSubs release… they’re always on time.

  4. brandy says:

    Really enjoying the work you’re putting into this series, thanks a lot.

    • LastReaction says:

      Thanks for watching our releases!

      Sorry for the delays, hopefully throughout the summer we’ll have more free time on our hands to catch up.

  5. Destino Azell says:

    I hope this show is not dropped

    • LastReaction says:

      Its not, trust me when I say that. Our typesetter is busy with college, hence the delays.

      Episode 04 will be released very soon though 🙂


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